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Does a Neck Lift Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Hi, this is Dr. David Pincus, board-certified plastic surgeon. Something that I perform a lot of, really ever since the Zoom boom, and people have been staring at themselves in the camera. A lower-face neck lift is something I perform almost weekly. I do not perform an isolated neck or an isolated lower facelift. I think they belong together as a unit because one does not look cosmetically appealing if the other one is not repaired as well. So often patients ask me, does a neck lift or a lower face neck lift get rid of wrinkles?

And the short answer is yes. It’s very much similar to a facelift. So all these procedures, a full facelift, a lower facelift, a face-to-neck lift, and the quote-unquote mini lift, which is just a description more than a procedure, they all kind of accomplish the same thing. And these procedures do get rid of wrinkles. And the way it’s done is a similar incision to a lower facelift, and I’m able to get to the very, very lower part of the neck and really accomplish tightening the lower face, the jowls, the jawline, and the neck. In short, absolutely. A lower face neck lift gets rid of wrinkles and patients are often very satisfied. In about 24 hours, the patient’s able to get back to normal life and really not have downtime at all.

So it’s very popular here at Pincus Plastic Surgery.

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