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As time passes, your eyes can take on puffy, droopy, and aged appearances that cause you to look unnaturally tired and worn. For some individuals, these traits are inherited, becoming visible in their 30s and 40s without age or gravity. Thankfully, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), offers a surgical means of turning back the clock and restoring a more youthful, lively, and bright look to the eyes. Additionally, blepharoplasty can help correct sagging eyelids that disrupt vision by removing excess tissue and fat that gets in the way of a patient’s sight.

Dr. Pincus will develop a customized treatment plan to flatter your appearance, restoring refreshed brightness and reinvigorated tightness.

What Does Blepharoplasty Provide?

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Revitalized Youth

Rediscover the liveliness and alertness of your eyes’ appearance with the elimination of aging in the lower and upper eyelids. Transform your drained appearance to a consistently energized and youthful expression.

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Illuminated Eyes

Unflattering amounts of sagging and puffy fat tissue can cast excessive shadows and dark circles around the eye area. Blepharoplasty can remove the dullness created by these issues and restore brightness and vibrancy to your eyes’ appearance.

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Unhindered Vision

For some patients, an excessive amount of sagging and drooping can begin to hinder one’s range of vision. Blepharoplasty can reverse this aging process by removing excess skin to create a restored and uninterrupted line of vision.

What Will My Blepharoplasty Consist Of?

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  • Consultation

    Dr. Pincus is proud to offer patients his qualified and experienced skill set, along with thorough consultations and interviews with each of his patients. Your consultation with Dr. David Pincus is paramount to successful eyelid surgery.

    During this meeting, Dr. Pincus will:

    • Discuss personal goals and expectations
    • Share before and after photos of previous patients
    • Evaluate the skin, tissue, and muscle tissue condition of your eyelids
    • Take measurements of the eyelids
    • Recommend combination procedures, if necessary
    • Create your personalized surgical plan
  • Treatment Areas

    Eyelid surgery can include the upper and lower eyelid region exclusively or a combination of both. These techniques:

    • Alleviate the appearance of weariness and age.
    • Eliminate the hood-like appearance of sagging upper eyelids by removing excess skin.
    • Eliminate the bag-like appearance of puffy lower eyelids by removing excess skin and fat.
    • Restore tightness to the muscles for revitalized youthfulness.
  • Procedure Details

    Dr. Pincus will develop a personalized strategy to best address your eyelid surgery requirements, depending on the extent of the concerns in the lower and upper eyelids.

    Dr. Pincus will make incisions in the natural creases of the eyelids, and if a patient is having all four eyelids addressed, he may start with one section of the eyelids before proceeding to the next. (For example, the upper lids first, then the lower eyelids.)

    The upper eyelid incision is created and hidden within the natural skin fold. As excess skin and fatty tissue are removed, the muscles and connective tissue membrane may be tightened, and the incisions are carefully closed. Dr. Pincus will carefully control any bleeding as the skin is closed with very fine sutures.

    The lower eyelid incision is an incision made along the lash line, also known as “smile creases.” Like the upper lids, excess fat and skin are removed as the muscles are tightened. Small sutures are used to close the incision area.

    Blepharoplasty may take one to three hours.

Do You Have Other Concerns About Blepharoplasty?


Swelling and bruising vary considerably between patients. Swelling and discoloration around your eyes will gradually subside, and you will start to look and feel better each day. Bruising usually subsides within the first week of recovery. To conceal noticeable bruising, you may wear makeup or sunglasses.

Your vision may be blurry for a few days, and your eyes may be sensitive to light. To help with this, patients should wear dark sunglasses for a couple of weeks to protect their eyes from the sun. It may also be favorable to wear sunglasses to prevent wind irritation and excessive dryness of the eyes as they heal. Dr. Pincus may suggest eye drops to help relieve any burning or itching.

For the first week, you will need to avoid activities that dry the eyes, including using the computer or watching television. The eyes may tire quickly for several weeks; therefore, frequent naps and several hours of rest are always helpful.

For the first three or four weeks, you should avoid any activity that increases blood flow to the eyes. Dr. Pincus will let you know when you are ready for exercise and intense physical activity.


Patients find that their eyes look more alert, youthful, and bright after the surgery. Though the aging process can never be entirely stopped, patients regularly enjoy and find fulfillment from their appearance for several years after their eyelid surgery. Some patients find that they want to make additional improvements later, although this is typically not necessary for at least five or 10 years.


Thin scars may remain slightly pink for six months or so, but can easily be concealed with makeup or sunglasses. Eventually, the resulting scar should become flat and inconspicuous, fading and becoming a nearly invisible line that blends with the coloration of your skin. The removal of fat is permanent, but the loss of elasticity in the skin and fine wrinkling of the eyelid area could return in the future due to the natural aging process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I the right candidate for blepharoplasty surgery?

    Ideal eyelid surgery patients are those who have excess skin around their eyes. Loss of visibility in the eye due to sagging skin may also make someone a strong candidate for blepharoplasty. Also, patients must be physically and physiologically healthy with no ophthalmic conditions, such as glaucoma or detached retina, and have realistic expectations.

  • How much does a blepharoplasty surgery cost in New York?

    Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is unique to each patient’s eyelids, age, degree of sagging, and aesthetic goals. The cost of eyelid surgery will vary significantly depending on the extensiveness of the treated area and external factors like anesthesia, facility fees, geographical region, and pre-surgical tests. You may also want to include prescription pain medications as a possible factor if postoperative pain becomes too uncomfortable for over-the-counter medication.

  • Should I combine my eyelid surgery with another facial rejuvenation procedure?

    While blepharoplasty can be performed alone for men and women whose aging is localized to the eyelid region, many individuals benefit from combining eyelid surgery with facelift surgery or neck lift surgery. Combination treatments help to ensure a balance between the facial features, which contributes to a more natural, rejuvenated appearance.

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