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Breast Reduction

in Smithtown, NY

Large and oversized breasts develop during puberty, pregnancy, or weight gain. These breasts lead to physical and emotional stress and significantly impact the way a woman presents herself. Breast reduction surgery provides immediate relief by reducing the size of the breasts.

Dr. Pincus offers breast reduction for women in Smithtown, Suffolk County and Long Island, NY.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reduction?

A Larger Bust

A Smaller Bust

Large or cumbersome breasts affect the appearance of your entire physique. They limit your clothing options and lead to emotional and psychological stress. Breast reduction surgery removes glandular tissue, fat, and skin to restore a compact, balanced, and youthful bust.

A Larger Bust

Symmetrical Breasts

While some women’s breasts grow evenly, others develop asymmetry between the two breasts. Breast reduction surgery on one or both breasts restores a balanced appearance to the bustline by manipulating the amount of breast tissue. This provides a pleasing breast aesthetic.

A Larger Bust

Enhanced Physical Comfort

Many women turn to breast reduction to combat the physical discomfort that stems from their large breasts. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder divots, and skin irritations are all uncomfortable effects associated with oversized breasts. Breast reduction increases physical comfort as it decreases breast size.

What Will My Breast Reduction Look Like?

A Balanced Figure
  • Consultation

    You will meet with Dr. Pincus before your breast reduction to discuss the desired goals, expectations, and treatment options. During this consultation, Dr. Pincus will take chest measurements, evaluate skin condition, and review any medical conditions that may impact the safety of the procedure or the quality of the results.

  • Incision Location

    Lollipop: Incisions are made around the areola and vertically down the bottom pole of the breast. This technique is better suited for women looking for mild to moderate reduction.

    Anchor: Incisions for the anchor technique match those of the lollipop but also extend horizontally along the breast crease. This option allows for more reduction and is ideal for larger busts.

  • Procedure Details

    Breast reduction is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Once the incisions are made, the predetermined amount of breast tissue and fat is removed. The incisions are closed, and the breasts are covered to begin the healing process.


We regularly consult with patients regarding eligibility for breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction can be covered under your insurance plan. There are specific requirements that you need to meet. If you have out of network coverage with your insurance plan we can initiate a pre-authorization for your procedure.


We use the Schnur Sliding Scale in evaluating whether your breast reduction could qualify as medically necessary. The scale helps determine the minimum required amount of tissue that needs to be removed from each breast in order for it to be considered medically necessary.

Dr. Pincus will evaluate you and collect the clinical data necessary to form the basis for your case. We will use a calculation and the Schnur Sliding Scale. The scale uses Body Surface Area to determine the requirements for insurance consideration.

You can visit the link below to calculate your Body Surface Area if you would like to calculate your personal requirements.

Click To View BSA Calculator

Apply the BSA you calculate to the scale below to get your requirements.

Click To View Scale


Contact the office to set up a consultation.


Have Other Concerns About Breast Reduction?

A Balanced Figure
  • Breast Reduction Recovery

    Bruising and swelling will develop on and around the breasts that may persist for several weeks. Your breasts will be wrapped in a compression garment that will help reduce the swelling, facilitate blood circulation, and ensure that the breasts heal in the correct shape.

    Any post-operative discomfort can be minimized with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication, and most women return to work and their usual activities within one to two weeks.

    Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for six weeks.

  • Breast Reduction Results

    The results of your breast reduction are noticeable right after your surgery. These results may alter slightly over the following weeks and months as the swelling subsides and the breasts settle into their new size and shape.

    Your results will be permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight. Since this procedure does not stop the natural aging of the breasts, you will eventually experience additional breast sag.

  • Breast Reduction Scars

    Scarring is a side effect of most surgical procedures. While minimal, the extent of scarring will depend on the type of incision that is chosen. Women can help reduce the appearance of scars by keeping the healing incisions away from the sun and applying silicone strips, gel, or scar cream. Dr. Pincus will do all he can to keep these as minimal as possible, and all scarring will eventually fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my breast reduction surgery cost?

    Insurance usually covers the cost of breast reductions in patients with out of network benefits.
    The cost of your breast reduction is dependent on the specifications of your procedure. This price will vary depending on the techniques used, anesthesia, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, pre-surgical tests, post-surgical dressings, and medications. Dr. Pincus will provide you with an accurate cost estimate once he has had a chance to examine your breasts and discuss your goals.

  • Am I a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

    Candidates for breast reduction surgery experience physical and emotional discomfort due to their oversized breasts. Women should be in good overall health, have realistic expectations of their results, and not smoke.

  • How will pregnancy affect my breast reduction results?

    Weight fluctuations, including those experienced with pregnancy, may impact the quality of your results and contribute to premature breast sagging. Breast reduction may also affect your ability to breastfeed because the tissue is removed and the connection between the milk ducts and nipples may be damaged. If breastfeeding is a concern, please discuss this with Dr. Pincus at your consultation.

  • Why kind of bra should I wear after my breast reduction?

    Most women find that they have more clothing and bra options following their breast reduction. Women should focus on well-fitting, supportive bras—sagging will worsen if the breasts are not adequately supported.

  • What are the potential risks associated with breast reduction surgery?

    Although breast reduction is safe and long-term complications are rare, they are still possible. Some of these complications include:

    • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Loss of skin or nipple sensation
    • Asymmetry
    • Poor wound healing

    You can reduce your chances of these by following all of Dr. Pincus’ pre- and post-operative instructions.

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