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Mommy Makeover

in Smithtown, NY

Motherhood is a time that is full of change. While most of these developments are positive, others are not as welcome. Pregnancy takes a toll on your physique, and it is not unlikely for excess pockets of fat, loose abdominal muscles, and sagging breasts to develop.

Women who are unhappy about these physical changes may benefit from plastic surgery. A Mommy Makeover is a customizable combination of cosmetic surgery techniques to target and address the undesirable effects of pregnancy.

Dr. Pincus offers Mommy Makeover procedures in Smithtown, New York, and the greater Long Island area.

What Can Be Achieved With a Mommy Makeover?

A Larger Bust

Perkier Breasts

Your breasts swell during pregnancy and after childbirth due to the production of milk. When these ducts shrink back to their original form, the breast skin and tissues often remain stretched. This leads to premature sagging and a deflated appearance. Breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction can all help restore youthful, perkier breasts.

A Larger Bust

Slimmer Contours

Pregnancy affects your hormone levels, which in turn causes the development of localized fat pockets. These collections of unwanted fat can develop in various areas of the body and damage your confidence and self-esteem. Liposuction removes this fat and restores a firmer, sculpted, and toned physique.

A Larger Bust

Firmer Abdomen

During pregnancy, your uterus expands and pushes against the abdominal muscles. This pressure can result in the separation of the abdominal muscles—
a condition known as diastasis recti. Tummy tuck surgery tightens and repairs loose or separated muscles and excess tissue to restore a firm abdominal contour.

Your Mommy Makeover Procedure

A Balanced Figure
  • Consultation

    Your consultation with Dr. Pincus is the first step to a more defined and youthful physique. During this consultation, you will discuss your goals and desires for the procedure and determine which combination of techniques may be appropriate for you. Dr. Pincus will take your measurements, evaluate your skin elasticity, and identify any previous health conditions that may impact your ability to heal.

    Dr. Pincus offers the Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics 3D imaging system to develop detailed mock-ups of your possible results.

  • Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation restores lost volume, firmness, and shape following pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. This technique places silicone or saline implants into the breast to augment the size of a woman’s breasts and restore a sense of femininity.

  • Breast Lift

    Breast lift surgery can be performed with or without breast augmentation to address sagging breasts. This procedure tightens the glandular tissue, trims loose skin, and repositions the nipple/areola complex to raise the breasts and enhance breast contour.

  • Breast Reduction

    Breast reduction is designed to decrease the size of a woman’s breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding to help women fit better into clothing, reduce back pain, improve mobility, and eliminate skin irritation.

  • Liposuction

    Liposuction is performed to permanently eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction can be used to slim the:

    • Abdomen
    • Hips
    • Waist
    • Thighs
    • Knees
    • Buttocks
    • Back
    • Arm
    • Neck
  • Tummy Tuck

    Tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen, which minimizes stretch marks that are located on the skin that is removed and tightens loose or separated abdominal muscles. This procedure sculpts a slender and toned midsection.

Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics

During your consultation, Dr. Pincus offers Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics, a state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology that renders photos of the patient’s body as a canvas to create the best possible pre-op visualization of their potential results. He will work closely with each patient so they can see what they might look like with different implant types, sizes, and shapes. 

We are also excited to announce that we have exclusive rights to Augmented Reality Visualizer by Crisalix, a new concept in breast imaging. The Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality feature will enable the patient to discover themselves on a large screen, as if they are looking in a mirror that shows them with their augmented breasts.

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The recovery for your Mommy Makeover will vary slightly depending on the combination of techniques used. You can expect that all treatment areas will be wrapped with compression garments that will promote blood circulation, reduce swelling, and aid in the overall healing process.

Bruising and swelling will develop at the incision sites, which will gradually diminish over the following weeks and months. Any pain can be lessened with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication. Most women can resume work and their normal activities after one to two weeks, but strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least six weeks.


The results of your Mommy Makeover will be visible immediately following your procedure but will improve over the following weeks and months as the bruising and swelling subside.

Your results will last as long as you maintain a stable weight and do not experience any future pregnancies.


The extent of your scarring will depend on the combination of procedures performed. Scarring will develop at all incision sites but can be hidden with clothing. You can help reduce the visibility of these scars by keeping the incisions out of the sun and applying silicone strips or scar creams. All scarring will fade with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I a candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

    Ideal candidates for Mommy Makeover surgery are women who are physically healthy, close to their goal weight, and unhappy with the changes brought on by pregnancy. Women should not smoke; if they do, they will be asked to quit for at least three weeks before and after the surgery.

  • What will my Mommy Makeover cost?

    The cost of your Mommy Makeover will vary significantly depending on the combination of procedures. Additional cost factors include anesthesia fees, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, pre-surgical tests, post-surgical dressings, and medications. You will be provided with your cost estimate during your consultation.

  • Why should I combine procedures?

    While plastic surgery procedures can be performed at various times, it is beneficial to combine procedures into one. This combination decreases your overall recovery time and is more cost-effective because you are only paying for one round of anesthesia and one day of the facility fee.

  • What risks are associated with a Mommy Makeover?

    While plastic surgery is safe, there is no invasive procedure that is without risk. While rare, complications may arise, including:

    • Negative reactions to anesthesia
    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Blood clots
    • Hematoma
    • Prolonged healing
    • Poor wound healing
  • Can I undergo a Mommy Makeover if I want more children?

    Women should wait for their Mommy Makeover until their childbearing is complete. Although patients can still have the procedure if they desire more children, the results may be reversed with an additional pregnancy.

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