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I felt like a million bucks on my wedding day! Thank you Dr. Pincus.

I felt like a million bucks on my wedding day! Thank you Dr. Pincus.

This has been long overdo but I wanted to wait until after my wedding to write out a review & thank you to Pincus Plastic Surgery. My name is Kristen and I like many others had some some physical insecurities. My weight throughout my life has fluctuated due to many factors. For most of my 20’s I was in the military and liked to stay fit. I would also partake in fitness competitions. Once I had decided those we no longer something I had wished to do and put weight back on I had noticed that my chest was no longer perky, they looked like deflated balloons. There was nothing I could physically do about it and I was so insecure being topless. I had decided I wanted to have breast augmentation. I had researched several doctors and begun my long endeavor of consultations. Over the course of 4 years I had gone to 12 different plastic surgeons all over NY, from Manhattan to the Hamptons. I never felt comfortable with any of them. A few of them were very nice, all professional but I ran into a few things that would inevitably cause me to pump the breaks. First impressions matter! Now usually if you’re going for a consult to a plastic surgeon its due to something you’re insecure about and would like improved. So as a female sitting on an exam table in a gown about to flash your goodies to a complete stranger can be uncomfortable. So one would hope to be greeted with a level of empathy, that this experience is uncomfortable. A majority of the time I was greeted with the Surgeon walking into the room looking through a folder, wave another female to come into room. They’d say the usual “Hi I am doctor so and so, I see you’re interested in breast augmentation. Please open your gown.” And get right into what they felt I should have done and ask if I was considering adding in anything else and that someone would be in to discuss scheduling and pricing and after leaving a deposit I could schedule an appointment to go over any questions I may have. It felt strictly like a business transaction but to me this is a big deal, i’m entrusting someone with my body and along with that my medical history and to answer my questions. When I scheduled my consult with Dr. Pincus I was prepared for it to go similar to the rest of the consults I had been on. It was not, at all. His staff from the women at the front desk, the nurses, to his office manager were all so friendly and welcoming. His surgical nurse April brought me back to the exam room and she was just amazing, helped me to feel comfortable and very informative. When Dr. Pincus came in he had a big smile on his face, made eye contact and shook my hand as he introduced himself. He acknowledged the discomfort on my face when I walked in and was very reassuring in helping me to feel comfortable as well. He made some jokes at his own expense and was incredibly humble. He didn’t rush out of the room, he asked me if I had any questions or concerns and I expressed my families history of breast cancer with my mom and grandmother. I was also able to ask questions about different implants, textures and sizes to which he sat there answering all of them, he didn’t rush out or make me feel as though he didn’t have the time. It was honestly the best consult I had experienced and knew I found the right doctor. I sat down with Theresa who goes over all the financial options and scheduled my surgery. When I came in for my appointment to finalize implant size, Dr. Pincus said he would like to schedule me to have a sonogram done to note any cysts I have and make sure I was all clear. He was extremely thorough through the entire process. After recovering from my breast augmentation I also decided I wanted to try lip fillers. I was so nervous to go down that route because I have seen some terrible outcomes. Again, Dr. Pincus walked me through the process. He went over the different brands of fillers and the difference between them. I decided to proceed and could not be happier with the results. I felt like a million bucks on my wedding day and in general. My self confidence in a bathing suit in my 30’s does not even compare to how I have ever felt in my lifetime. So I wrote this as a review but also as a thank you to Doctor Pincus and his entire team.

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