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February 15, 2022


5 Common Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

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Back and shoulder pain often leads women with large breasts to seek breast reduction surgery, but there are other problems for which the procedure can be an excellent solution.

Women in purple bra measuring her breasts with measuring tape.

If you have large breasts and have considered having them reduced, you are certainly not alone, and you may have even more in common than you think.

Do you relate to the following five complaints plastic surgeons consistently hear?

1. Pain: Your Large Breasts Cause You to Suffer From Back, Neck, or Shoulder Pain. 

Large breasts are heavy, and if you have them, they can change your center of gravity and lead to tension and stress on certain muscle groups. This can trigger back, shoulder, and neck spasms and may ultimately slow you down. 

2. Body Shape: You Are Uncomfortable With the Appearance of Your Large Breasts

Unless you had breast augmentation, you didn’t ask for your naturally large breasts, and you may feel more comfortable with a proportionally balanced silhouette. 

Large breasts can also cause your bra straps to leave indentations on your shoulders and back. 

3. Body Image: You Feel Self-Conscious About Your Large Breasts

If you don’t welcome unwanted attention on you because of your breasts, you’re not alone. But if you really feel that they detract from the image you want to portray, it’s your body, and you have a right to have a bust that serves you best.

4. Fashion Sense: Your Style Isn’t Compatible With Your Large Breast Size

If you find yourself putting back the clothes you prefer because they don’t fit around your chest and end up buying outfits that you like less due to the size of your breasts, a smaller cup size could lead to a wardrobe that is more “you.” 

5. Activity: You Are Physically Active and Want More Flexibility

If you are a dancer, athlete, or anyone physically active, you may feel that your large breasts have interfered with your mobility and performance, putting you at a disadvantage.  

Sound Familiar?

If you have one or more of the above concerns, a breast reduction procedure may be the solution. 

Illustration showing the concept of how breast reduction is performed and what it does to the breast.

A Little About Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is a routine cosmetic surgery performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. There are two primary incisions used: 

  • Lollipop technique: This incision circles the areola and continues down to the crease underneath the breast. This method is generally used for women seeking a mild to moderate reduction.
  • Anchor technique: This incision mirrors the lollipop technique but continues horizontally along the breast crease (inframammary fold). This approach allows for more tissue and fat to be removed.

A breast lift is always included in your breast reduction procedure, which will leave you with more comfortable and perky breasts.

Your Breast Reduction Recovery

You will be sent home with detailed instructions about how to care for your newly reduced breasts. At this time, you will be placed in a post-operative bra and will have bandages over your incisions. It’s vital that you follow all post-op instructions and take care of the incision sites properly.

You should expect to be away from work (or your regular routine) for a week; this includes avoiding any physical or emotional stress. 

Drink plenty of water as this helps you heal, eat healthy foods, and try to walk ten minutes per day.

The Consultation Process

If you decide to move forward, learn as much as possible about the procedure before your consultation and have a list of questions to ask the surgeon. They should ask you questions about your medical history, explain the procedure thoroughly, understand your personal goals for the surgery, and discuss any nicotine use, as this would need to stop weeks prior to the procedure. 

Want to Learn More About Breast Reduction in Smithtown, NY?

If you are seeking breast reduction surgery near Smithtown, New York, you can count on our board-certified and award-winning Surgeon, Dr. David Pincus. The team at Pincus Plastic Surgery is committed to providing you with the best possible care.

Give us a call today at 631-352-3556 to learn more.

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