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August 15, 2023


7 Ways You Can Ruin Your Plastic Surgery Results During Recovery

Cosmetic surgery can help you look how you’ve always wanted. Whether it is an aesthetic concern that you’ve had for years (or even your whole life) or it is a cosmetic frustration that has recently developed (from age, weight loss, or pregnancy), plastic surgery can improve your appearance so that you can attack life with more confidence.

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Still, you need to understand that plastic surgery is a process, and one of the most crucial parts of this process is the recovery period.

There are many different plastic surgery procedures, including facelift surgery, rhinoplasty (corrective nose surgery), tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation, and liposuction, to name just a few.

While each procedure comes with specific post-op recovery instructions, many aspects of recovery are the same with all cosmetic procedures, and not following these post-op instructions can cause setbacks.

Below, we’ll explore seven common mistakes women and men make during plastic surgery recovery.

1. Smoking

While smoking (including vaping) is unhealthy for all individuals, using nicotine products around your cosmetic surgery can create numerous issues with your health and the procedure’s success.

Smoking prolongs a patient’s recovery because of poor oxygen supply to the tissue. Additionally, smoking increases the chance of complications, including necrosis and infection.

Because of this, stop all nicotine products at least six weeks before your procedure and refrain from using them for at least six weeks after your surgery.

2. Sun Exposure

Regardless of the type of plastic surgery procedure you undergo, you will have incisions. When these incisions are exposed to direct sunlight, they can become discolored, and the resulting scars become darker and much more noticeable.

Because of this, stay away from direct sunlight during your recovery, and if you need to be in the sun, wear plenty of sunscreen and cover the area with clothing.

3. Not Getting Enough Rest

Many women and men who undergo cosmetic procedures want to show off their stunning results as soon as possible.

However, your body has undergone a traumatic event that requires time to heal. Pushing yourself too soon can cause prolonged recovery and negatively impact your results.

The specific downtime needed for you depends on the type of procedure you have; because of this, Dr. Pincus will give you a personalized recovery plan and discuss how long you will need to rest.

4. Not Taking Slow, Short Walks

One of the most important requirements for any post-surgical recovery plan is to refrain from strenuous activities, including exercise.

However, taking short walks is one of the best ways to speed up your recovery and help your body hea. This is because short walks help improve blood circulation throughout the entire body.

You will want to get up and move your body (at a nice, slow, and controlled pace) as soon as possible.

5. Resuming Day-to-Day Activities Too Soon

No one wants to miss out on their normal activities (especially work, school, and/or social events). However, as mentioned above, allowing your body the rest it needs to recover from the surgery is essential.

Dr. Pincus will give you a clear idea of when you can return to your day-to-day activities, but until then, you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy some much-needed rest while your results settle in.

6. Not Eating a Healthy Diet or Drinking Enough Water

The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle after your plastic surgery procedure cannot be overstated.

Eating healthy foods high in vitamins and protein (such as fruits, veggies, and lean meats) can help your body heal more completely, speeding up your recovery and keeping you healthier in the long run. Additionally, keeping yourself hydrated with water will help speed up your recovery and can improve your results because it helps to flush out unwanted toxins.

Something to keep in mind: continued healthy lifestyle choices of food, water, and plenty of exercise after your recovery can help keep your body looking its very best for years to come.

7. Taking Unapproved Medications or Supplements

After your procedure, you will take prescribed medication. These may include pain medications and antibiotics. You want to ensure that you take these medications at the correct times and not take any unapproved medications, including supplements.

These other medications and supplements may create health concerns during recovery. Discuss all your medications and supplements with Dr. Pincus during your consultation, and make sure that you do not take any of these until you are cleared to do so.

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