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January 14, 2020


Your Tummy Tuck Recovery Guide

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A tummy tuck is a comprehensive plastic surgery procedure that addresses abdominal laxity. Since this surgery is invasive, you may have some questions and hesitations about your recovery period.

You can better prepare yourself for your tummy tuck recovery by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Ask Questions

When undergoing abdominoplasty, please ask Dr. Pincus as many questions as you need to feel comfortable and educated about your recovery period. Dr. Pincus’ specific and personalized recovery instructions will not only speed up the healing process but improve the sustainability of your results.

Here are some great questions to ask to maintain the best healing experience:

  • What activity and exercises should I avoid?
  • What medication will I be given or prescribed after surgery?
  • Will I need elastic bandages or compression garments, and if so, how long should I wear them?

Step 2: Follow Personalized Instructions

Dr. Pincus is dedicated to your recovery process just as much as he is dedicated to your results.

Your care and wellness come first, and you will be given specific instructions that pertain to your healing process. Dr. Pincus’ guidelines for your post-operative care will be carefully calculated by your unique body type.

Flat stomach that tummy tuck can achieve with dark lighting

Here are some instructions you may be given to accelerate your recovery and eliminate risk:

  • How to care for the surgical site and temporary drainage tube
  • How to topically or orally apply medications to reduce infection or other health risks
  • How to avoid excess movement and range of motion that might compromise stitches
  • How to remove and readjust pressure garments after and before bathing
  • When to return for follow-up care

Step 3: Relax

Allow your body to relax. Depending on your age, overall health, and body weight, you may be asked to rest over a consistent period of two weeks.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush your body of unwanted toxins. Water will also promote anti-inflammatory behavior in your muscle and tissue fibers. Ask Dr. Pincus for recommended supplements that might strengthen your body while you take time resting. Pain medication may also be prescribed to ensure any discomfort is mitigated.

With your patience and trust in the healing process, Dr. Pincus ensures that your body goals are both attainable and manageable.

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