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April 06, 2021


Your Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Breast Reduction

3 Minute Read: 

You have chosen to get a breast reduction. Congratulations on making your decision—it’s not always easy.

Now you may need some help figuring out what to do next. 

Fortunately, Dr. Pincus has put together this guide to help you take your next steps.

breast reduction concept art, before and after surgery

What Is My First Step?

After you decide that you want breast reduction, the first step is to get in touch with a board-certified plastic surgeon. A surgeon like Dr. Pincus can help you determine the specifics of your operation, answer any questions you have about the surgery, and generally get you prepared. 

After your consultation, your surgeon will usually ask you to undergo a series of medical tests. These tests fulfill a few purposes, such as ensuring it is safe for you to have the surgery and establishing a baseline to compare to after your breast reduction

What Are My Long-Term Preparations?

There are a few things you should start to consider about six months before your surgery. 

Lose Excess Weight

Excess weight can make a breast reduction harder to perform. Patients already at a stable weight are more likely to be satisfied with their results long-term.

Quit Smoking

Smoking dramatically increases the risk of complications during any form of surgical operation. Patients who plan to undergo breast reduction must stop smoking for at least two weeks before their surgery; however, it is best to stop smoking four to six months before their surgery to be safe. 

If you smoke before your surgery, it can put your life at risk, so be sure to tell your surgeon if you do.

Take Time Off From Work

It’s usually easier to request time off well in advance. Breast reduction surgery may require one to two weeks of downtime, so you should talk with your job about taking a brief leave of absence in the months leading up to your operation. 

What Are My Last Minute Preparations?

In the weeks leading up to your surgery, there are a few things you should start to do.

Adjust All Necessary Medications

Starting about six weeks before your surgery, you should stop taking blood-thinning medications, herbal supplements, or any other substance that may encourage bleeding. 

If you take any of these for medical reasons, consult with your primary care physician. 

Plan for Your Recovery

After your surgery, you will need a lot of rest and to refrain from many daily tasks. Therefore, you should plan out how to manage these concerns before your surgery. 

Some tips include:

  • Arrange for a friend or family member to assist you for the first three to five days. 
  • Create a dedicated recovery area with everything you need in easy reach.
  • Cook and clean in advance so you won’t need to do any of those chores during the first week of your recovery.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about breast reduction surgery, please contact Pincus Plastic Surgery by calling 631-352-3556 or filling out this form.

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